Microbots: MIT bot clam

Robotic CLAM
LOCOCEEZBOTS Tue, 01/04/2014 - 10:03

Picture & article source: MIT news.

There are traces of what is another type of robot flooding we're going to experience in future decades. It's not the type of humanoid capable robots we all would like to have at home (and that sooner or later will have) like cleaning and doing all the daily home care pesky stuff. This other type of robots may be even more revolutionary for our advance: how about little robots everywhere, giving information about anything possible or even performing tasks? Not nanobots, minibots/microbots.

Besides the multiple little surveillance bots that are already deployed in battle field by the military or police, what about little submarines to study sea water weather? or stand alone gliders to study radiation levels and also weather in the atmosphere?. Little bots checking road surface state, and even filling the holes of it by themselves?. Little bug bots filming the wild forest for fauna and flora assessment? Forest fire surveillance minidrones, sewer system mini aquatic drones finding and fixing flow problems...there are so many applications you can think of... 

Well then MIT came with the idea of mimicking a sea clam that can dig fast in the sand as the real one for different purposes, like to bury anchors or destroy underwater mines, for example. The article also emphasizes how hard robot development is and how many different unexpected problems arise that uneducated people can't think about, like the sand mechanics for digging. At a whole different level, but that's like when you design and build a PID line follower with all the hustles and problems solved and some one says "is that all that it can do"? Nevertheless more signs of unending service possibilities that this field of robotics can bring.

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