Bluetooth bot

A bunch of things thrown together for fun and testing
LOCOCEEZBOTS Wed, 26/03/2014 - 18:52

This is another WIP, in this case a mini rover that would go around my house avoiding obstacles and exploring. It's a total mess of cables and components. The base is an aluminum plate with two hacked futaba 3003 servos as motors, and a free rotational wheel in the back (or front? :D  ) of the bot. It's powered by an 8 AA battery holder that will give up to 13 volts for new alcaline batteries or  9.6 for rechargeables. More than enough.

With wood and roller wheels

Servo converted to DC motor

Yes I like hot melt...

I stuffed a bunch of things on it, because I wanted it to be a learning and testing bed: a PIR motion sensor, a noise sensor, tilt sensor, HC-SR04 distance sensor, a stepper controller board, a DC motor L298 board, Arduino mega and a Bluetooth dongle.

Wider view

With wood and roller wheels

The only thing done so far is the communication between the bot and my android phone. I programmed certain serial received numbers to be the commands for forward, backwards, right turn and left turn, so when sent through a Bluetooth android terminal in the phone I can move the thing around.

Next thing is programming autonomous navigation just by sensing the nearby obstacle with the US sensor and a custom pan mechanism to cover about 150º sweep in the front. 

After that maybe program wake up calls from the PIR or/and sound sensors as well as including a stepper with something to move... ¿?.