Gheisha Bot

Gueisha face
LOCOCEEZBOTS Wed, 26/03/2014 - 18:33

This is a WIP on an animatronics Geisha face. There was this papier maché gueisha that my daughter and I (mostly) had build for school. It had been lying around for quite a while and my wife said "enough, lets get rid of it". So the waste was its destiny. I thought it was a shame since it looked pretty neat, so I figured out I could try to do a simple animation of the head with a couple of servos and that argument saved her from her fatal fate.

Basically I cut and ripped apart the figure and designed a face animation mechanism to be stuffed inside the head. Torso and arms are still parked.

Once started, I began to complicate things and I'm still stuck with it. Initially it was just the head but I want to animate arms and give the bot some wheels to move. A lot to be done.

The main aim for me is the head/face. It's still in early prototype or even conceptual stage. It's built crafting aluminum and plastics (mostly PMMA), mecanno parts, bolts and screws, all though manual cutting, drilling, sanding...very low mechanical precision and even less neatness. For that I'm not very proud, but through a mixture of craftiness and stubbornness the thing moves and I really want to give it a serious try as an animatronics kit. For that I need to 3D model parts and maybe print them to test assembly, and deliver new iterations to arrive to a good design.

Animated geisha face

I'll try to keep this updated.