About us

Darwin Robot


I'm a mechanical engineer, after working as Quality Engineer for a while, I became teacher. I teach at vocational schools technical subjects like mechanics (unions, drives with gears, pulleys and belts, power trains, motors...), pneumatics, automation (PLCs programming, sensors, electric power and signal cabling), maintenance, quality, safety...

Why I love robotics? Life is wonderful, and most of it I love my beloved, I love progress, I love grasping the future and I love learning. Robots is progress & future so I try to learn about this subject.

Last but not least, this page should be "about me" right now, since it's me in charge of the blog and main character and owner of its contents. But I like it to be "about us" because hobbyist robotics is so much about the community and sharing and also because I enjoy the friendship of some roboticists friends around the area that help and have always helped.