2009 bioloid kit: first steps into Bots realm

Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 30/07/2012 - 15:05

Hi there,
From now on posts will be mainly in English. The further reached the better.

I'll be posting some details about how I got into trying to learn about and building Robots.



First time bots caught my attention was three years ago with humanoid bots. I got so hyped I even found a good deal in Ebay for a bioloid kit. I went for it and got it.




The kit was ok, a bit worn out, but complete and in good condition. As I received it, I built the humanoid.
It might sound spoilt child like, but after a while I lost interest because the kit itself is so rounded that has little if not any creation wise interest. Components are great, but if you really want DIY stuff, assembling is almost the only -if so- challenge here. I wish there had been a path to deeper knowledge to walk the way, but I did not find it and neither had the knoledge to advance any other way (was as still am a total noobie).

To be fair I need to check for RoboPlus v1.0.28.0 latest version to reevaluate Robotis software.

Now I'm learning to link AX-12 actuators with arduino...we'll see what can come out of that.

2014 UPDATE:

This was my fist (and compulsive) serious buy into robotics. Bought in Ebay for quite less than a new kit, this super cool humanoid kit came to Spain from Australia. It's the old comprehensive kit, so robust for little humanoid standards that it is still sold today with not many updates.

Condition was good, though the servos were a bit worn, with torque limit reached often and mainly quite a lot of loosenes in them. To me there is a design flaw for which rigidity in Bioloid's movements, depends on stiffness of servos, which have a plastic wheel as attachment. Combined with the plastic frame, after playing a while (when a bolt or two may loosen a bit) the loss of accuracy is clear, at least in my second hand kit. This is so much of a problem when walking. It's a neat product, but walking is made without feedback of any kind and when movements are a bit fluffly it will fall on its face or backwards. Movements should be driven by an exoesqueleton with quite stiffness and pushed by servos, and movements should not be blind, there should be some closed loop feed back from gyros in order to have responsiveness in walking (how awesome is Dr Hero work with this little humanoid?).

The software is good, but very closed to the platform unless you're very skilled. Then, being skilled, the work to achieving good humanoid  gaits is enormous and some more intelligence and sensors should be added: gyros, pressure pads, vision....

I,m looking at you sucker!!  ;)

I planned to do all this with Arduino (not the vision) and it's doable since there are Dynamixel libraries out there (check Pablo Gindel's work with Samsa II). But ---- such a big shaaaaame.... I know  :( ---- it was too tough and too big of a project for me. I have to get back on it. I promise I will....

I can't believe you have me here picking up dust...grrr