2012 Pingubot workshop

Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 31/07/2012 - 18:05

Arduino has been a great platform for robotics and micro bots. Since it's open source, a lot of clones / mods based on it have flourished over the last 5 years. Main advantage is that code can be or mostly fully reused and Arduino's greatest asset is it's comunity and the great amount of shared work and code you can find on the Internet.
One of these is pinguino. While arduino is AVR microcontrolled based, pinguino is PIC based.
Well, we have a grandson here: that would be pingubot, a board designed specifically to easily build line followers and maze solvers based on the pinguino board.
One of their creators alias 'Bastian' tought us about this little platform in this short course. I used PMMA, mecano parts, two pololu wheels, modded servos (working as DC motors), and an eight IR sensor array. The result is shown in previous picture and next videos.

The next sequence of videos shows the tunning of the bot through programming.

Pingubot (pinguino based) line follower, first steps, shaking, programmed only with if and nested ifs:


Now programmed with PD control and low speed:

PD control and medium speed:

PD control and "high" speed. Speed is limited by tuned servos, this time running at 12+ volts...:

And finally, Pingubot with maze solver simplest routine or algorithm: always turn one way. This time it always turns to the right.