Campus Party Berlin 2012, wednesday 22, thursday 23

Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 24/08/2012 - 18:10

Lets do the follow up of wednesday and yesterday.
By the way you can follow up conferences in CP youtube channel:

You can also see live feed, but you need to login as campusero (and therefore register first if you're not yet):

Lets go with the pictures:
After lunch we asked Jon "Maddog" Hall to sit down with us and chat a little bit. He had such an open character and was so polite, he sat with as and spent over 45 minutes giving us a master class of open software and how it had great advantages over closed software, at all levels even corporate. It was a great honour and so interesting.

This is Heinibot, by Daniel Gallardo, 22 servos, sensors, animatronics, articulated arms, voice... a complex and cool robot:


And now this is Robby, by Julio Montagut a 18 servo humanoid with a custom servo controller board coupled with awesome software for even better gait design and acomplishment. 



More humanoid robots: robocup participant Nao and DARwIn, both advanced (and expensive) pieces of tech: 

 Now some retro punk modding, worth mentioning:



 Let's make robots workplace:

And one of therir robots:

The new raspberriPi board coupled with other elements for a robot capable of artificial vision:


Nao again: 

 Anther bot:

 And the cool bus where we can have a decent expresso:









Alessandro Rubini in action: 



The hangar were tents are place, awesome place for CP this Templehof airport:


Many other things happened wich are not documented, but not much time for it either, so that's all up to thursday.