Campus Party Berlin 2012 / CPE2, friday 24

David Cuartielles
Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 24/08/2012 - 18:59

Who is that in the picture with me?. If reading this blog you sure know.

Hi there again!, let's go with Friday, almost over. So far great things, little sleep, IT, Arduino and IT gurus met. Gooood except for the weather: cold and rainy Friday in Berlin....

Wheather sucks in Berlin..  ;)

David Cuartielles one of the creators of Arduino (and look who is in the front row listening)!!. High level attendace to Cuartielles disertation. 

High level attendace to Cuartielles disertation


David Cuartielles

Unbelievable punk pneumatic drumer robot:


Cool performer
Pneumatic drummer
He came with his little buddy:
Weird sibling or child...
 Check the videos, seen live it was an awesome performance:


Late night workshop with David Cuartielles and some new shield for Arduino, just about to come to market.


On friday night also...
Overclockers gone nuts.. ;)
Liquid nitrogen cattering
 That was all for friday.