Campus Party Berlin 2012 / CPE2, friday 24 night and saturday

Berlin Tempelhof Airport
Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 03/09/2012 - 00:33

Hello again.
Now final pictures and conclussions from CPE 2.




3D plastic printer:

Prusa? Sorry no idea
Sir Tim Berners-Lee on main stage, saturday 25th.
Main stage
Main stage
I bought a couple of analog line followers from the Lets Make Robots guys. Small, cool, fun, working, cheap...what else can you ask for?
This is how it looked in their place at campus:
And this are both after going back home and assemble them:
My little two line followers
Another view
Back again in time, walking my way out on saturday afternoon:
The hangar
And sort of a low res 360º picture, messed up by changing light conditions.
Going back to the airport:

That was it.
Thanks to Julio, Daniel, Dani, Paco and Vicent for his company and friendship during campus.

So what is campus party: a tech rave where you get the chance to meet geek and ultra geek people on YOUR geek subject as well as attending awesome workshops and conferences. Many more things, but only with that: Isn't it awesome?
To me it was worth it, even though camping is not my thing !  ;)

Thanks for reading